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Oh crumbs!

Cakes 2

Create the wow factor in both look and taste with Ulster Bride’s guide to the ultimate wedding cake.

Over the years, many elements of the wedding have certainly changed, but one tradition which has stood the test of time, is the humble wedding cake. Wedding cakes are predominately a western tradition. A focal point of the wedding, the cake is cut by the bride and groom, symbolising unity. We have all been to a wedding and marvelled at the cake, so no doubt you will want yours to be equally as impressive, but where do you start?

It’s all in the timing
When and where your wedding takes place is a significant factor in determining your choice of cake. If you are having an outdoor wedding, say for example, on a beach, you will want to avoid melting cakes consisting of creams and mousses. When you find the correct baker, discuss which cakes are ‘on-trend’ for the season. Allow plenty of time- most companys will require you to book at least a few months in advance.

The size of the matter
The number of guests attending the wedding will determine the size of your cake. Do allow for any cake you may save for guests who are unable to make the reception. As for number of tiers, do not forget that you may need an extra one if you intend to store the top one for the christening of your first child or indeed your first anniversary. A fruit wedding cake will keep for several years if you freeze it!

What’s your flavour
While it is important for the cake to be aesthetically pleasing, the taste is equally as important. The traditional among us usually opt for fruit, sponge or pound cake. New contenders are chocolate, cheesecake and even cake with a mousse filling. Other popular fillings include fruit and liqueur. If you’re looking for something completely different, consider lemon curd in fluffy white cake or strawberry puree in a moist chocolate fudge cake. Or go flavour crazy and have a different flavour and filling in each tier – a good one for keeping all your guests completely satisfied!

Decorating your cake is only limited by your imagination. Traditionally, icing was cream or white, but this has developed over the years. Butter cream, rolled fondant, royal icing, marzipan, chocolate… the options are endless. Many couples now incorporate their colour scheme into their frosting.

Fresh flowers or fruit will put a twist on things while customized tops such as a pair of white doves, glass slipper, a small framed photo of the happy couple or something which signifies how you met are all so romantic.

Top tips
– Consider your budget.
– Try and anticipate how many people your cake needs to serve.
– Speak to friends and family about bakers they have used.
– Meet with a few bakers and look through their portfolios.
– Make an appointment to have a cake tasting.
– Try to have an idea of what you might prefer.
Consider the topper for the cake.